Accessorizing for Prom 2016

You found the perfect dress to wear to prom. Finally, the stress of finding the dress has gone away. But now, comes the accessorizing to finalize your look.  Here are some tips on how to accessorize for prom 2016.

  1. Set a budget for yourself.
    The very first thing you should do when purchasing anything for prom is set a budget. Decide how much you feel comfortable paying for your dress, and then use any money that’s left over to purchase the perfect accessories to wear with it.
  2. Decide which areas need accessorizing.
    If you’re wearing a dress with a high neckline, you don’t need to worry about buying a necklace to wear with it, or if your dress has long sleeves you may not need to wear bracelets. Buy your dress first, and then decide which accessories to buy based on where the dress covers (and where it doesn’t).
  3. Keep your personal style and comfort in mind.
    If your style is usually pretty plain, you don’t want to wear a heavy statement necklace or a pair of gaudy earrings, because you’ll only end up feeling uncomfortable. Instead, opt for accessories that are one or two levels fancier than what you wear on a daily basis.
  4. Don’t clash colors/styles.
    If your dress has silver embellishments, you don’t choose a gold necklace that will clash with it. Instead, match any jewelry with the details that you already have on your dress.
  5. Pick just one statement piece of jewelry.
    If you’re still unsure about how much jewelry to wear, start by choosing one statement piece, such as a great pair of chandelier earrings or a bib-style necklace. Then, match the rest of your jewelry to that larger item.
  6. Don’t forget the perfect bag.
    Your handbag is just as important as the rest of your accessories, so be sure invest in a sequined clutch or a chain shoulder bag to keep things classy.
  7. Have fun with accessories!–This is YOUR night.
    While it pays to follow the rules when accessorizing, you should also have fun with your prom ensemble. If you really love a piece of jewelry but you’re unsure if it matches, wear it anyway—it will likely be the most memorable part of your outfit.
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