Beautiful Brides

And we mean beautiful inside as well as outside. The ideal bride-to-be is a charming, glowing, happy individual who sees the world through the traditional rose-colored glasses. Unfortunately, the actions of some of her “sisters”, who may have earned the 21st century media title of “Bridezilla”, tarnish that view of a bride. There is even a TV show of the same name that features brides at their worst.

We want our brides to be happy, plan the wedding of their dreams, but e also want them to be the focus of warm thoughts from relatives and guests who see her at her very best–gracious and focused on others. The best bride is one who does not focus on herself only but who shares her happiness with family and friends. We have to believe that no one wants to be referred to as “Bridezilla”. How embarrassing is that?

Here are some areas and behaviors for you- the bride to be- to avoid if you don’t want to wear the reptilian title.

  • Stop talking about the wedding non-stop. It is good that you have enthusiasm for the upcoming nuptials, but not everyone on the planet is focused on your big day. Get some perspective and realize as one guest stated “The world is still turning outside of the bride’s realm.” Your wedding is our focus, but not everyone shares that focus.
  • Realize that a “me first” attitude is unbecoming. People wish you well and want you to be happy, but it is unrealistic to expect everyone within your circle of family and friends will drop everything to focus on your wedding. That is why you have us. We will provide that focus. We help our brides to avoid being a diva and remind them to treat friends and family with care and concern.
  • Avoid going well over your budget. Experts say that “spending excessively to achieve what is perceived as perfection is bridezilla behavior.” Let our experienced consultants help you manage your budget and produce a glorious wedding within those constraints.
  • Don’t expect preferential treatment. One cannot be rude to vendors and expect the best service. If you have hired a professional to provide a service at your wedding, respect their skill and expertise and treat them as the professional they are.
  • Don’t ignore family, friends, and fiancee. No plans or details are worth ignoring the most important people in your life. That’s why you have us. Let us worry about the details. You spend time with the ones you love.
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