Ceremony Ideas

Both religious and cultural traditions have a great deal to contribute to your wedding plans. Within the confines of your church or synagogue’s traditions, there is likely to be room for you to add touches that will make the ceremony even more meaningful.

Consider having ceremony hosts great arriving guests at entrance doors. Choose one from each family to insure having someone who is likely to recognize many of the guests as they arrive. Instruct ushers to be cordial and make small talk with guests as they are seated.

The unity candle is one of the most universal ceremonial touches in weddings. To make it even more meaningful to you consider adding the feature of having both mothers come forward and each light one of the two individual candles symbolizing two families that are coming together in this wedding. After the mothers have lit those candles, then the bride and groom step forward and take those two lit candles and light the larger single pillar candle. In that moment, their two individual lights become one.

As a part of the ceremony, you may wish to observe a moment of silence for or a song played in memory of a loved one who is not there for your wedding. Some couples chose to have a small bouquet or single boutonniere placed on an empty chair to represent the presence of a departed loved one.

If your wedding brings together children from previous relationships, consider giving rings to the children of this new marriage. The rings could be birthstones or diamond chips and should all be similar. The symbolism of these rings for a new family is very powerful.

As the ceremony ends, turn and face the audience then take a small bow as a couple and pause as you begin the recessional. Stop and hug your parents and say thank you. Exit to a special celebratory music.

If you plan a receiving line at the ceremony site, include as many bridal party and family members as you like. It is helpful to have the last person in the line hand out direction to the reception if it is to be held at a different location.


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