One small way to make sure that guests remember how special your wedding was is to make sure there are special gifts for guests to take home with them. With today’s interest in personalized weddings, amke sure that whatever mementos you select carry your names and wedding date.

For a spring wedding consider packets of flower seeds in glassine envelopes with a message from you both that talks about growth and love.

Ordinary mints can be transformed into special packed when wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbons matching your color scheme. Attach a message of thanks to each packet. Keep the ribbon ends long and place bunches of packets in baskets for guests to take home with them as they leave the reception.

If tulle isn’t your thing, pack sugared almonds, mints, or chocolates into small boxes. Personalize each box with a foil sticker bearing your names and wedding date including a thank you note.

More and more couples are creating CDs of their favorite music and providing them for guests to take as they leave the reception.

If you are planning to have a photo booth at the reception, provide a small frame for each guest to use to take their photo home.

Some couples prefer a dessert station to a formal wedding cake and instead provide each guest with a small individual cake–boxed and ready for each of them to take home.

If yours is a destination wedding, an appropriate favor might be a luggage tag. An outdoor wedding may call for a small potted pine tree or a succulent plant depending on your location.

Whatever you choose, take this opportunity to share your joy and thanks with those friends and relatives who have come together to help you celebrate your new life together.

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