Mens Wedding Attire

We know that many if not most men prefer casual clothing styles. An amazing number of men for whom we provide tuxedos for weddings and other formal events spend some time “grousing” about getting “dressed up”. But once in their tuxedos, they seem to relax and not notice how good they really look.

While traditional rules are used as guidelines, we feel there are many options to accommodate personal preference in the area of men’s formal wear. One of the most noticeable influences is the increase in color as an accent. Today’s couples are getting married in a classic, yet contemporary style. Choosing colored cummerbunds, ties, and pocket squares to complement bridesmaids provides a unique flair to the entire wedding party. Designers continue to show updated silhouettes for men in the party that offer both style and comfort.

As a guideline, remember that medium or darker colors are fine anytime, but are more appropriate during the evening or in winter months. Tails are proper anytime, but are most commonly worn by the groom only rather than they entire wedding party.

As for guests who appear at your lovely weddings in casual clothes or worse, jeans, there is a way to spread the message about your expectations. Never on the wedding invitation but on the reception card, just add the line “Black Tie Invited”. This offers your guests a guideline as to what dress code is expected. Some guests may indeed wear a tux, but this three word addition is bound to generate more suits and less casual attire.


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