More Hints from Planners

From: Mi Mi Design,

  • It sounds like a no brainer, but one of the most important elements of your day is the timeline. You do not want to even up paying for overtime for vendors because things ran behind, and you certainly do not want to keep your guests waiting because transportation is late. Staying as close to the timeline as possible is the key to throwing a successful event.
  • Instead of decking your space out in crazy centerpieces and crystal, focus your energy and money on things like creative entertainment elements. One couple we worked with brought in an artist to paint the party scene. Another hired a caricaturist and guests took home some custom portraits at the end of then night. These kinds of activities really make the experience special for everyone.
  • While edible and charitable favors are popular, every now and then we see a very specific favor that works great with a fun story or background. For instance, we once had a couple with the last name Duncan give away Duncan yo-yos. Another couple who met on an airplane gave out luggage tags. If they are relevant, small keepsakes can be charming favors.
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