With all the planning that must happen, and all the aspects of a wedding to consider, taking plans to keep the process flowing and your planning more joyful, experts advise brides to consider the following:

  1. Make realistic plans at the start.
    While you might dream of a celebrity style wedding, be real. “Design a day that allows you to reach your goal of marriage without undue stress and complications.” (Wedding Planner Jacqueline Smith) This is accomplished by looking at who you are as a couple, how much time you have to plan and how much money you will have for this wedding. Advice from a certified wedding planner can be a valuable up front investment.
  2. Be organized and disciplined. 
    With plans in place, stay focused on your objective and you will avoid wasting time, energy and resources. Pay attention to the details. Frequently it is the little things that get overlooked. Deal with them early and keep them from becoming major problems later on.
  3. Keep a positive outlook. 
    Brides who are positive and joyful at the prospect of their wedding day are pleasant to be around. They remember what this is really about and make this the true focus. All of the rest of the activity is to support this. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by meaningless issues. Be thankful for and happy with the help others offer to give you. Remember that you are part of a couple. Share the joy and include the groom on plans and decisions.
  4. Make those decisions
    Know that this is a milestone event in your life and it requires a myriad of decisions to be made on a wide range of issues. Trust your instincts on many of those decisions, confer when necessary, seek advice on the most difficult, decide and move on to the next item on the list.
  5. Be flexible
    Remember Murphy? Uninvited Murphy, and his “law” usually attend most weddings. Just be prepared to make changes when needed. Don’t let problems throw you over the edge. Know that even the best plans have ways of coming unglued, so be prepared to deal with them as a creative challenge. Let yourself be flexible enough to adjust when faced with the obvious. This is much easier if you have a “Plan B” tucked away “just in case”.
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