The Center of Attention

Brides frequently ask us about centerpieces for their wedding reception. The list of options is long and varied but these are some of the most often used by brides.

If your florist is providing centerpieces for your reception, work closely with him/her to be sure that the theme or color thread you have chosen for your wedding continue to the reception area. We have seen weddings where one theme dominates the ceremony and another is chose for the reception. If the two are complimentary, it is soothing. If the choices are worlds apart, it can be jarring to move from one to another. Complimentary themes are comfortable.

If you are handling reception centerpieces on your own, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

  • A centerpiece should never block a guest’s view.
  • If color has been a theme for you wedding celebration–introduced in the invitation and save the date cards–it should continue through the reception and any next day celebrations you plan.
  • For informal centerpieces arrange flowers to have a “just picked” look. Use wild flowers or branches of season flowers for an unusual impact.
  • Formal centerpieces are usually symmetrical in either a triangular, circular or rectangular shape.
  • Flowers may be used as a centerpiece and/or casually placed at each place setting.
  • Create a still life with fruits, flowers, and vines arranged on a lovely tray.
  • Pitchers–used singly on in groups, make attractive containers.
  • Pretty baskets filled with blooming plants and tucked in with moss work well.
  • Arrange several crystal candlesticks on a mirror as a centerpiece. Insert candles in your color theme or use creamy white. Just remember that they should be tall enough to be above eye level or low enough so that the flame will not be annoying.
  • Also grouped on a mirror, consider using wine glasses each with a flower afloat.
  • If the facility can handle it, some centerpieces can be hung above table in special baskets.


Remember that the size and shape of a centerpiece should be in proportion to the table and flowers should never be so fragrant that they overpower the food served.

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